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Aquatic Quarantine Facility for L. vannamei (AQF)

The Aquatic Quarantine Facility (AQF) for L. vannamei is a state-of-the-art facility created by RGCA, at the behest of Ministry of Agriculture for quarantining the L. vannamei broodstock imported to India. This facility, located at Neelankarai, Chennai is one of its kind in the world and conforms to all the international quality standards required for an Aquatic Quarantine for the introduction of the non native American white shrimp L. vannamei to India. The AQF was set into operation in 2009 and its establishment has facilitated the popularization of vannamei farming in India, which has subsequently resulted in increased shrimp production and contributed to the export revenue of the country.

The main focus of this quarantine centre is to facilitate a regulated mode of introduction of non native L. vannamei into India in order to prevent the entry of diseases into the country thereby assisting in sustaining the shrimp farming industry in the country.

Aquatic Quarantine Facility for L. vannamei - Phase III

Infrastructure Facilities

The following infrastructure facilities have been created at the Aquatic Quarantine Facility. Three phases, with a total quarantine infrastructure of 20 cubicles, each of which  
  • Can accommodate a biomass of 16 Kgs, i.e., approximately 400 nos of broodstock with average body weight of 40 gms. 
  • Fourteen receiving areas with a total capacity to handle 7350 broodstock at a time. 
  • Full fledged PCR Screening Laboratory for screening the OIE listed pathogens, as per SOP of AQF.
  • Four Packing sections.
  • Three fumigation chambers which can fumigate over 2000 boxes at a time.
  • Two dedicated thermo-controlled insulated trucks for broodstock transportation which can transport 900 nos. of broodstock at a time.
  • Supporting systems such as reservoirs, water treatment systems, Chillers, Recirculation Aquaculture Systems, Power backup systems etc.
The facility also has implemented a user friendly  Online Aquatic Quarantine Space Reservation through the Aquatic Quarantine Monitoring System (AQMS), which enables the approved vannamei hatchery operators to book the quarantine space via online.  

Present Status

  • Since its establishment in June 2009, the Aquatic Quarantine Facility has quarantined over 578 consignments (till June 2014) comprising of over  2,81,750 of  vannamei broodstock imported to India at an excellent survival rate of 96%.
  • All the broodstock samples tested till date were found to be SPF and free of the 6 OIE listed pathogens.

The Team

Project Manager :    Dr. Amiya Kumar Panda
Project Manager - SRPM :    Smt. M. C. Remany
Asst. Project Manager :    Shri. D. Kannan
Asst. Technical Managers :    Smt. Daly Cyriac
:    Shri. Ashwini Kumar
:    Shri. Erra Suresh Babu
:    Shri. V. Ravi Kumar
:    Smt. Sruthi Prem .O. C
:    Shri. P. Krishnakanth Varada Raju
Technician :    Shri. G. Sreenivasa Rao
Stores and Purchase Asst. :    Shri. K. Sankar
Electrician Cum Mechanic :    Shri. K. Ganesan
Accountants :    Shri. Amal Joseph
:    Shri. Sandeep KS

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